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Street is a medium sized town a mile south west from Glastonbury.

The town is noted for having the large shoe & leather products manufacturer Clarks headquartered centrally. In their foyer they have a shoe museum.

The Clarks Village shopping area is a popular pedestrian precint of chain store shops often with discounts and end of line items to the national store equivalents. Within it is the tourist information point.

The High Street has a mix of national and independent stores. It has the major banks and a more typical selection of shops compared to Glastonbury.

Street has a number of schools but Millfield School makes up a sizeable area to the East of the town. It is a private and mostly bording school with an emphasis on sports.

Strode College is also an important educational facility and, as part of it, has the Strode Theatre on its campus. The theatre shows many films and arts performances.

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High St

High St